Backblaze Storage Pod 5.0: Backbone

Backblaze Storage Pod 5.0: Backbone - Backup Pods

The latest version of Backblaze Storage Pods that uses the far superior backplane technology over direct connect. These units have been in testing for a long time and have just become available for retail. Our Backbone unit only includes the 5.0 chassis, the backplanes, SATA cards, 90 drive guides, and all cabling needed for the unit. 


Sunrich 4-Port PCI Express
Sunrich 5-Port SATA
Wire Harnesses and Pigtails

(2) Custom made power supply wire harness with 24 pin connection

(1) Pigtail with 24 pin connection for EVGA750G


Custom configurations available: email to discuss your options

$ 2,425.00